About the company

We are pleased to present you the company Exeles Sp. z o.o which since 1991 has been successfully offering its services in general construction industry. We are a rapidly growing team of professionals in the offered services of industry.

Our area of activity covers the entire country. The construction industry is a comprehensive service based on commissioned and its own investment projects and renovations. The quality of our construction work is proved by numerous references. Our company is recommended as a solid and reliable performer. For individual investors we serve professional advice in choosing technologies and construction projects. We always focus on innovation, creativity, latest materials and technologies. Each order is always a new challenge for us which we take individually and with passion and our Employer satisfaction with the work done by us is our goal.


Exeles offers professional services in the full range of works from design through construction to interior design.


As a part of investing activities from concept, through inventory, design and paperwork connected with it, valuation and ultimately the implementation of the construction project, we conduct an investor from the initial idea to the finished building.


Within the framework of repair activity, we carry out fundamental, current and temporary repairs. We carry out complete adaptation and modernization of structural objects.


We inform that since 11.08.2015, our employees (Dorota Fijołek, Leszek Suwalski and Damian Januszek) have certificates issued by the Passive Institut Darmstadt, entitling to designing passive houses – Certificate Passive House Designer