Cookies Policy

What are Cookies
Cookies (pol. ciasteczka)- small pieces of information sent by a web server and stored on the user side (usually the hard drive). The default parameters of the cookies allows to read the information contained in them only the server that created them. Cookies are most commonly used for online stores, websites that require login, advertising and monitoring visitor activity

Can you disable cookies
Typically, web browsers (programs used for viewing pages) automatically allow cookies to store. But if you want, you can disable them using the settings of your browser or delete cookies already installed. For more information on how to remove and block cookies you will find in the “help” of you browser.

What are cookies used by this site.
The site uses only the necessary session cookies enable you to use the services available on the website. This allows the system identifies a web browser window between successive calls to the pages of this website. Cookies on this site are not used for processing or for storing personal data. All information collected at the time of ordering or supplement other forms contained this website is stored on the server side only during the current session.